ReiserFS Reader

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    ReiserFS Reader is a simple GUI wrapper over Gerson Kurz's rfstool. It uses wxWidgets to draw it's interface, the whole code being generated by MinGW and packed into a nice installer with NSIS.
    Although there are many projects resembling with it, ReiserFS Reader is one of the few written completely using free tools or materials (even the icons are taken from a free project, that is KDE).
Latest news

    - Well, it's been quite a while since I posted something here. In case you were wondering, the project is not dead. Not just yet. I'll stop working on it when this is completed, because a driver is the proper way to do things. I (myself) have tested it. Works as advertised, but my machine throws a bsod from time to time. I could get used to this small inconvenient, if the driver would also have write support :).
    -So, what's new: I've decided to rewrite the whole thing from the scratch. That's s-c-r-a-t-c-h. Yes. Why? Well, the first version seems to work quite welll, but I am far from satisfied. Besides, the code is a mix of styles between C and C++. I don't like it. Therefore I've took some time to learn more about wxWidgets. Quite a powerfull toolkit and I am trying to resume to it only; but somehow I can't help myself going back to some classic win32 API. For the moment is faster for me to do things the old way (CreatePipe() ... CreateProcess()).
    Some of you might want to tell me: 'd00d, Qt for w1nd0w5 just w3nt free'. Yes it did. But I've played with it on Linux for far too long. I already know what it can do (and let me say I'm quite amazed). For Windows I'll go with wxWidgets. It's nice, it has potential, it's new (for me). Besides they went to a lot of trouble to support a wide range of compilers (WXUNUSED() tells you something?). The wxWidgets docs got better in the mean time (thank you!!). Nothing compares with a good documentation. Saves you hours of google-ing.
    Hmmm.. so! I gave up using an IDE. Got myself an old school editor (I'm a Linux developer, I go with the classic - mc-like) and started (re)writing everyting. Begining with the Makefile. Thus far, in one weekend, I managed to write about 60% of the app (new features included). Since, during the week I'm caught with my other job, weekends are the most reiserfs-reader-productive for me :). I hope I'll have a beta in the next few days.
    Enjoy your day!


    - Since I'm not quite active on this project, I've uploaded the sources too. Maybe they can be of some use to someone.
    - While google-ing the web, I stumbled upon this project: a Windows© instalable Reiser Filesystem driver. Now, this is interesting. The install procedure is quite unorthodox for a Win32 user, but it's worth the effort.


    - Fixed an ugly bug that made it crash when accessing files/directories which contained certain characters in their name (like space, dash and some others that need escaping in a command line).


    - Some (more) fixes
    - Fixed a bug that caused ReiserFS Reader to extract a file into the immediate parent directory of the target one.


    - New, version, new fixes
    - So, fixed an ASSERT FAILED bug (sorry for that) and some bad info-s in the documentation


    - Version 0.1.1 was released!
    - Fixed that awfull bug, that made it hang on systems with no Reiser filesystem
    - There are some version info and documentation errors that I have noticed :-( ... fixes will come soon


    - Version 0.1 was released!
    - For those of you who do not have a Reiser filesystem but still wish to test the app, this version has an annoying bug: does not start. It remains locked waiting for input from rfstool.exe (which, of course, has nothing to say since there is no RFS formatted partition). I apologize and I promise I will fix this bug soon.

    - Latest binary: rfsrdr-0.1.4.exe
    - Latest sources:
    - Previous binary: rfsrdr-0.1.3.exe
    - rfsrdr-0.1.2.exe
    - rfsrdr-0.1.1.exe
    - rfsrdr-0.1.exe

Since I have plenty of space in here, most of which I don't use, I thought it might be a good thing to put these here. They are wonderful projects!

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